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But even the best athletes have setbacks.

Does your dog have mobility issues?

Recovering from an injury?

Coping with arthritis?

I'm an experienced 

Certified Rehabilitation Nurse

and I'll come to you for:


Physical Rehabilitation

Muscle Building Exercises

Therapeutic Massage and Stretching


I am a Licensed Veterinary Nurse (LVN) &

Certified Canine Rehab Nurse (CCRVN)

who makes housecalls to Greater London

to perform basic healthcare services

for your dog.

by the Canine Rehabilitation Institute
and the Institute of Registered Veterinary & Animal Physiotherapists
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Billy and Eddie Milo

Billy and Eddie Milo

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My Services



  • Low-to-zero-impact exercises

  • Isometric muscle building

& Stretching

  • Pain & tension relief

  • Increased flexibility & range of motion

Basic First-Aid
& Wound Care

  • Bandage changing

  • Wound cleaning


  • Ear Cleaning

  • Nail Trim

  • Wheelchair Adjustments

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Basic Home Visit
(30 - 60 min.)
Contact for a quote

*Free Consultation
About Me

about me

With over 10 years of experience

as a Veterinary Nurse

and  5 years of experience as a

physiotherapist and hydrotherapist

at New York City's premier

canine therapy clinic "Water4Dogs",

I'm now offering my services to

 the dogs of London!

Transporting our furiends to a clinic

can be stressful on pets and owners,

which is why I come to you!

Not only does your dog get to

relax in their own home,

but I can also train you how to

perform some basic exercises together.

I'll work with your veterinarian

to determine the safest way to help your dog reach their physical peak

using low-to-zero-impact exercises combined with massage and stretching

to help relieve tension and improve flexibility.

Making Dogs Smile
Since 2012!!